Supportive Mentoring Helps Students Grow at BUILD EXITO

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By Arjun Viray

Mentorship has always been a critical component of the BUILD EXITO program at Portland State University. The centrality of mentorship in this program is based on an understanding that by providing support and mentorship to students, they can grow as students, scholars, and people. The BUILD EXITO program model provides students with peer mentors, career mentors, and research mentors. Each of these mentors are meant to support EXITO Scholars in a variety of ways. 

Genentech Panel Discussion Flyer
 PSU BUILD EXITO hosted a panel discussion with biotechnology
company Genentech participated on Dec. 3, 2021.


This can look like providing support when learning about different careers in specific fields, to learning how to use cutting edge technology in the lab, and even which food cart is the best around campus! 

On Dec. 3, 2021, BUILD EXITO hosted a panel discussion with the biotechnology company Genentech. It was moderated by one of BUILD EXITO’s faculty leads, Shandee Dixon, PhD. Through this panel, the students heard from three different professionals who work at Genentech: Sara Tadesse-Bell, Carolina Guillen, and Sandra Medrano. 

When asked if they had a role model or mentor who helped them get to their current career role, Guillen had the following to share:

“My research mentor has given me opportunities to grow and is not selfish. He likes to share his knowledge and I really enjoy that. That’s something you should look for in a mentor. Someone who wants to support you and be there. Take the time to invest in your mentors, get to know them. It’s a mutual learning experience.”

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